Not a single writer, was born as a writer. Maybe you’re born with the privilege of talent, but development of that talent is a nurturing path. Which gives me hope, that I can develop in a true master of the language. The language that is not my native.
I read all these great authors, and I get mesmerized by their content, by their way of clearly expressing their thoughts. And I think to myself, will I be able to achieve this level of mastery? Even with the major disadvantage of being late in the game, of having a native language that I will never find myself writing in.
So if you think about it, there are only two productive things that I can do, that will take me closer to my goals:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing

And I found myself for last couple of days procrastinating on the both accounts. It was that damn hard to open my over flooding Instapaper account, my Reeder or even my iBooks, God forbid.
Up until today. I was procrastinating, and I played around with reading Marco Arment’s Magazine. And I’ve read a lot of great stuff, that simply by the nature of the word play, stimulated me enough to start writing this article again. But first I had to do all that unimportant stuff, like cleaning my desk and moving everything that was distracting me.
And I don’t feel as if it should act and feel that way. I think that writing should be a pleasant distraction from everything else. I believe that I should feel uncomfortable if I am doing anything, but writing.
And the inner distractions are those distractions that I have to work out. Those inner distractions are mental friction, and they appear, simply because, we haven’t dealt with them on time.
Clearing everything out of the way, so that the writing process can happen. That would be the name of the game. And instead of thinking about what’s coming next, my main and only priority should be, how to get back to writing. Even more than 1000 words a day. Because if I consistently push out great content, than over time I will develop something amazing. It’s gonna take me time, but it’s going to get me there.
I mean, just look at the Brian Tracy. He’s a writing industry. He reads a lot, and produces even more. 2–3 books per year. Self development books I might add. He truly walks the talk. His personal productivity is skyrocketing. Can you match that guy?
He’s actually one of the reasons why I stopped smoking, which might be a crazy thing to say, but it is true. And I should just relax about this whole writing thing. I know I want it, and not just saying it, because I’ve been doing it, for two years now. And it’s same as my gym time, the more I do it, the more I want to keep doing it.
The thing that is actually stopping me the most in accomplishing my goals is publishing act. There is a big tension between me and “hitting publish” in my WordPress account. There is always that secret judge, that is going to come to my blog and be repelled by my content forever. Even though I am self confident in my real life, I have this tension when it comes down to writing.
But I will overcome this emotion, and I am going to hit publish. Right now.