When I started blogging I was preoccupied with the “expert status” that was relevant to making money. And than I got into a trap of wanting to become an expert on every topic that I was reading about. I used to be guilty of this sin.

On expert lies…

It is one of those marketing lies that have been told over and over again. You don’t need to be an expert in order to make money online. You need to be passionate.

Caution on 3 Day Experts

Now you will be able to find a lot of so called experts online. Ed Dale suggested a simple tip on how to switch this self proclaimed “expert” tittle into a “enthusiast”. Enthusiasm is a great word, and instead of you looking like a snake oil person, you will actually look like a living person.
You won’t lie, you won’t overstate your status, and above all else, you actually will stand out from the crowd. Of all the reasons mentioned in the previous sentence, standing out might be the most important one.
Enthusiast such a lovely word.

Rethink your actionsLet your enthusiasm shine through and catch the hearts of the fellow people around the planet.

It is way easier to connect to a living person, than to some self proclaimed God on any given topic. Value your personal reputation, because internet remembers pretty everything, and you are just one Google search away from the truth.