There are so many incentives for service providers to go with proprietary versions of CMS software, that is a much needed element of every business. I am seeing a lot of amateur SaaS vendors that are trying to do things without even setting up a unique logo and a website, and creating unsustainable no-brainer offers. I don’t necessarily feel that this is the right way to start a business. While some things financially make sense, it doesn’t mean that they should be done that way. But I digress..

Everyone keeps talking about ways that you should avoid WordPress, I’ve even seen arguments that WordPress environment can’t pass Core Web Vitals, which is simply not true. We’ve already talked on Alpha Efficiency main blog how many builder type plugins are slowing sites down. I”ve also heard complaints that are are too many plugins out there, but they are the ones who provide necessary big boys functionality to a site. There are far to many things that are simply not possible on other CMS platforms, simply because they don’t have those functionalities. There is a reason why 40% of the internet is running on WordPress.

The reason why WordPress survives is the community of talented people knowing a lot about it, and being able to assist almost all use-cases through a user friendly platform that handles infinite requests and use cases.