I see the pattern with headlines. Somewhere out there are the people who wrote courses on how to make great headlines and people yet seem to fail that the good headlines, once copied too much become utter junk. Once your readers start seeing the headlines being repeated over and over again, they stop responding to those.
If you utterly want to create great headlines, you have to Act Differently. Reading about headlines will pretty much get you nowhere. I see thousands upon thousands of articles with the same headline. They are going nowhere, they are contributing nothing. Being interesting and having a personality online is harder than it may seem, simply because we are raised in the society where being yourself is not good enough. That is not very nurturing environment, don’t you think? It’s actually really messed up reality, that I don’t want to be a part of.
Write great headlines, don’t copy the ones that you see everywhere, simply because people claim that they work. Don’t write another: “10 ways how to stop being retarded” article… Don’t be one of those, 90 days blogger.