On Starting, yet not finishing

Always kept starting a new slate in this Byword, without finishing the old piece. And that is contributing towards the endless list of started, yet unfinished work. The only thing I can do about it, is to accept it, and perhaps be grateful, that I always want to start something new. Maybe at one point, when I don’t have an idea, what I want to do, I could return to the previous work, and continue where I left off.

This reminds me of a chase for inspiration, and I don’t recall that I had one recently. Lack of inspiration is devastating for the writer, but instead of living in the world of ideas, I’ve spent quite some time in the real world, living. Writing seemed to be a chore, a distraction to everything I stand for, and perhaps all of this was a break, so I could return to it, with more vigor. No, I am not saying here that I wasn’t writing, but I wasn’t emotionally present in my writing, and that is what made a difference to the quality of my work.

My brain was scattered around numerous topics, and was radiating different energies, now I am focusing it towards the goals that have been set. I’ve finished enjoying the glory of my short term victories, and it’s time to conquer my long term goals. Which ultimately means that it is time to focus my energies on writing, and transmuting the realities of fellow human beings. Enabling them to see their own goals with clarity and be very serious about the actions that they need to take.

Do you know where you are going?

This question is very important for each and every one of us. How can you be certain of your path, if you don’t know what your goals are, and I am referring to both, short and long term goals. How will you know where to shoot, if you don’t know what is your target? Those who know where their target is, end up infinitely closer to their goals, than those who don’t. The latter group is usually a group of pawns in somebody else’s schemes. Don’t let others make plans with your life. There are people out there that are counting on your lack of direction, and they will steer you away with their own goals, masking them as yours. That’s called marketing, and most likely, it’s not the marketing of goods and services, it’s the marketing for your life long opportunities, like jobs, business ventures and religion choices.

Don’t be fooled by this type of advertising, but instead spend time doing your own thinking. Try to realize ultimate motivations behind the actions of other people. Keep in mind that there is no free launch, because the smallest price denominator, is your time. And it is also the biggest price we pay. It will always take you time to eat it, and time is not like money, you CAN’T replenish it. Once it’s spend, it’s gone. That is the reason why I am so hang up with time management. But I woke up to reality, as I understand that you can’t really manage time, only thing you can manage is yourself, and often times, people can’t achieve even that.

That is why management is so sought out profession. Investors provide opportunities for managers, to manage others, because people don’t have the knowledge, nor will power to manage themselves. Most of the people aren’t thought self control in schools. The evidence to this claim is 30% rampant obesity in United States. The quality of educating is plummeting, and it is your own ultimate responsibility to increase it. By general criteria, I am highly educated person, even with simple Bachelor’s degree, because my scope of knowledge goes through numerous subjects, ranging from science, to sales. But I never feel as if I know enough, and I am always hungry for more. For the next piece of information that will change my life for the better, that will bring me to the destination of which I’ve set for myself.

Do you know where your goals are?