With the advent of phablets, Apple has put so many of us at the dilemma of how our setup should look like. My minimalistic aspirations are pushing me towards less devices and nudging me towards selling my iPad and current iPhone 5s, so I could swap 2 devices for one, but I am not completely sold on the idea.

The reason behind it, is the fact that I like my iPad, and recently I’ve been using it more and more, thanks to the Ultra Thin Logitech keyboard. The extra real estate also makes it a great reader, and battery life on it is true 10 hours of LTE usage. So that stability of being able to use it as an external writing laptop has proven to be quite handy, as it enabled me to write numerous articles that I wouldn’t be able to write otherwise.

Will I be able to do the same thing on the iPhone 6+? How much better will my life be with one less device to maintain and think about? Will I feel better or worse for being on one device less? How will it at against my current setup? Will I be able to pack everything in a single phone, and is there a need for it?

Wondering do other people have a similar dilemma and how they plan on resolving it. For the first time I am truly conflicted, because the choices that are laid out in front of me are a little bit confusing and frustrating. The only reason why they are confusing is because of the stalled iPad development. Developers just don’t seem to love this platform, and without a good App ecosystem, no matter how much I like my iPad, there is simply no reason to stay on the platform.

If iPad is virtually becoming a ghost town, what’s the reason to buy it, when you can do everything and better on your iPhone on steroids?