For some reason, I love Jetpack stats. They are inside of the WordPress, and I have one tab less to open. But it seems to be my laziness. This time I want to spend more time in Google analytics, as it gives me more overview on what happens with my visits, and how they reach Alpha Efficiency.

Forming a new habit

Now, I know I am a quick analytics junkie, just in order to make myself feel good about the traffic that occurred the previous day, but Analytics is called Analytics for a reason. To give you insight and new ideas on your content. And I actually did get “fresh” ideas, and insights into how much my articles are read. And what articles need some more love.

Unoptimized content

I believe that lately I’ve been creating a lot of great content, but I don’t feel as if I pulled the maximum revenue from it for me. Republishing some of the old articles on social media and optimizing it for Google a little bit.

No matter how much I hate Google…

It is still my main source of traffic! More than 75% of my visits come through Google and that is depressing. My plan is to diversify my traffic sources through other venues. Because this makes my business vulnerable to algorythm changes, and that doesn’t make a solid business.