Every time I get a compulsion to write a tweet or something meaningless in 140 characters, I remember how I am feeding a network that is other than my own. It is not my own property, it is not my own web destination. There is so much link juice and other forms of energy that I am passing out to a for-profit company, that I simply refuse.

All social media content should be simply streamed to properties that aren’t fully ran or owned by me.

Obviously some of the costs don’t justify the investment when you don’t have such kind of following, that you are actually living off of your own content. Like video for example, as the space can get pricey, and streaming can put a dent in your hosting budget.

But when it comes to a written word, all “social” efforts should be streamed into my one platform. So far, thanks to Pressgram, I’ve managed even to fill in the images into my blog. As more and more time passes by, I am quite certain that more and more of my “social media” activity will happen on my own blog.

So instead of posting up a tweet, where I would say something witty, I devoted some time and energy to share my more complete thoughts with the world. Perhaps the quantity of eyeballs will not be as large, but those that do come here will go have way higher engagement, than those that only read or perhaps commented my tweet.

And in social media, engagement is the king, even when it is just a passive one. As long as you can scale it.