Sales are a bloodline of every business, and me being on the intersection of the sales and marketing, it gives me an unique opportunity to blog about it, and share the wealth of knowledge with people that are getting to know me, and my employees that are actively working on my sales initiatives.

I want to document the scraping techniques that we utilize to harness the leads, and also how we are innovating when it comes down to communication of the value that we are producing as an organization. Sales is part science and part art. But for some of us, it is a road to securing the vision of the future we want for ourselves.

Without sales nothing is moving. No great business can be created without revenue.

But this organic process is difficult. It requires for us to be at the top of our acuity, it requires peak motivation and a very open mind. We are here to make deals, so we can enable more opportunities for our organizations.

Stay tuned, and see how we grow Alpha Efficiency. While most of this content won’t be structured, it will be quite raw, and it will give you insight into our secrets.

What will I cover

  • Tools and services we use
  • Communication methodologies
  • Ways we go for the lists
  • How we create unique and origianl contenet
  • How we use science to test the headlines
  • How we prospect, analyze and deploy our sales campaigns

What I won’t cover

  • The real business and individual names
  • Revenue generated
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Trade secrets of our clients and their unique strategic advantages

What’s in it for you

You will see how sales teams start from scratch. So far we’ve been very successful with other channels, but nowadays, we are forced to grow beyond our original capacities. You as a sales professional will gain access to what we are testing live, and you will have access to open source knowledge that we want to share, in order to help everyone deliver better products and services.

I am seriously committed to online sales and lead generation process. Additional material and in the loop way to stay up to date with our blog will be signing up to my private newsletter. Hit me up on Twitter or via email, if you want to be a part of this newsletter.