The thing that I will miss most about the Belgrade is the night life. Just got back home from an awesome hangout in Plastic. When I think about it, I am going to that place out of automation. I am going out there for past 10 years. The place was evolving the same way as I did. And somehow I feel as if the club was following my lead.
Club was always there, where the money was. It’s rather popular place. I love it.  Now Plastic used to be called Mondo, when I was first going out there. And it was a place of legends and stories unimaginable. Although those times do not exist anymore, Plastic was evolving the same way as Serbia did. So we still love it. People changed, some remained, but plastic is one of epic places in Belgrade night life.
Now this evening I’ve met 2 kids, who totally knocked me off regarding their story. They started a website, and they are selling additional equipment for cell phones. They are doing an awesome job! I am really proud that there are people here, who still think of ways how to earn money, as opposed to sitting at home and doing nothing.
Young entrepreneurs of Serbia. When they heard that I I know a bunch of internet marketing, it was a light bulb. We’ll be hanging out…
Now the reason that inspired me to even start writing this dairy entry, was the fact that I was reading the book that I’ve started ages ago. I loved what I’ve wrote. It was profound and interesting.
Anyway, I am getting tired… Will get to sleep soon, just wanted to share this with you, that I might continue writing that novel occasionally, but Serbian I believe. I am not sure that I could accurately translate the meaning and slang…

Good evening people of the internet. Hope to see you soon