The first recorded case of Covid–19 was on December 1st, 2019. They speculate that this virus emerged early-mid November, 2019.
Wuhan is a central connecting hub within China, but also to areas around China. There are many daily flights between Wuhan and Tokyo, and thousands of Wuhan chinks go to Tokyo EVERYDAY.
This means that the virus has been in Tokyo for 5 months already, and Tokyo is the densest city in the world. They wear masks, but only when the person is sick to prevent spreading to others. In general, less than 5% of people wear masks there on any given day during flu season.
No action or announcements about Corona virus were even made until Mid January, and no flights were stopped from China until mid February. In fact, Tokyo STILL has NOT announced any quarantines, shut downs, closures of business, etc. Life goes on as usual there.
This means that Covid–19 was in Tokyo for approximately 2 months in Tokyo, unchecked and not known about.
If this virus really is as contagious as people say, “warranting” a complete collapse of western economies, why is Tokyo still standing? Shouldn’t the people have been annihilated within weeks of Corona virus arriving in Tokyo?
The average death in Italy is 81 years old, and 50% of the deaths are people who had 3 other comorbidity factors like cancer, diabetes, etc. Another 30% of the deaths had 2 comorbidity factors.
Is this whole thing fucking bullshit to cover something up?