Good workouts “get you”. Even when they are short, if they pull the adequate energy from you, they have served their purpose and gave you the endorphin pump.

Working out and taking care of your body is not good thing to do, it is something that becomes “a must” for those who understand the value of keeping your body healthy and fit.

Pain changes you

Once you put your body through pain, your metabolism starts changing. It requires more nutrients to repair the damage you’ve done to the muscles.

At this stage in my life I’ve spent 5 years working out. Give or take some months of breaks to that. Sometimes I was more motivated, sometimes it was in decline, but persistence gave me the body I always wanted to have. My body is a representation of what kind of athlete I’ve became.

After a while, you learn to love the pain that your workouts give to you, as you that pain starts to define you. It defines all the ways that you are better than your previous self. That you are better than the lazy people, who sit on their asses all day, eating chips, devouring junk food and disregarding the thing that will follow them until the rest of their life: their body.

The cycle of change

It is never too late to change. I’ve turned my odds around, and I’ve transformed my body in a profound way. But that change had to start in your mind. Gym became my new church. My new religion.

And when I couldn’t go to the gym, I’ve kept working out at home. Even if my “prayer” (workout) was only 5 minutes long, it was still there, as a reminder, on what I need to keep doing in order to become the person that I always wanted to be.

That change came to a new level. Because now, it’s not about physical appearance, it’s about defining yourself, in a deep psychological level. It’s about keeping yourself in the best shape, so when you do encounter stress, you can deal with it better.

Working-out and productivity

We as human beings haven’t change much over the course of 10000 years, and even more. Our bodies are still designed to fight saber tooth tigers, we are still the animals capable of high energy tasks. Our bodies are highly efficient killing machines. The fact that we moved on as a society, doesn’t mean that we are going to be happy fat slobs.

Working out is like having regular maintenance checks on your car. Most people don’t do those, and than they wonder when their car crumbles after some mileage, while it was supposed to run twice the distance it has been through.

The only difference is that you can’t get another body. You can always buy a new car, but your body is irreplaceable.

The guilt

I haven’t been working out for past 30 something days. Not at least the way I wanted to. But I’ve done some home exercises and they’ve been keeping me in check. When I don’t work out, I feel as if my body is decomposing. The guilt that I am not living out my fullest potential.

And there is no excuse. When you know where you want to get, there are no excuses. There is no need for the gym, there is no need for the treadmill. There is always you, and your body. And that is pretty much everything you need.

In life there are two kinds of people:

  1. Those that have excuses
  2. And those that have results.

Which group of people do you want to be? If you were me, in my current situation, would you rather “wait for the gym”, or would you try to give your all, and do what you can, when you can.

Just do it

Your body is your temple. It requires movement, it requires action, give it that action. Break your mental laziness, move your body, show it how alive you are. Take care of it, so it can take care of you.