As a blogger you are in a business of sales. You have the help of distribution of your message through social media, but never the less, you have to sell it.
It’s gaining traction, one day at the time, and building your empire. It’s your dream and you have to chase it by yourself. For if you don’t, there are 10’s of others who will take your place, with more passion, with more viggor and more energy.

First things first – Create !

You are given this opportunity of getting out there and making it happen for yourself. You should always be producing great content. Be it photos, videos, written words or virtual products.

Promote yourself!

Another part of your equation is promoting. But instead of promoting your products, you should get out there and put your face all over the web. Get yourself known, and make numerous people remember you. They are going to come and buy from you based on the fact that they like you, not because they “need” anything.
Best ways of promoting yourself is through sharing great content of other bloggers, and getting known in the niche.

Engage your audience!

Your blog is your marketing platform and your own social network. Engaging your audience is essential tool of community creation. When you see a blog comment, reply it. When somebody mentions you on Twitter/Facebook, answer it.
Get engaged, tune in with your readers. Listen to them. Their ideas are essential in creation of your product. Ask them a question, ask them for opinion, ask them for guidance. Nobody is going to help you build a better business than your audience.

Build community

Nurturing a passionate community is how numerous bloggers built their empire. It’s through the power of influence and connection with other people, that they’ve managed to get the regular following that allowed them to grow to massive proportions.
Community doesn’t consist only of readers. Community is complex and sensitive creation. It’s built upon mutual interstes of various different stakeholders, including: other bloggers, sponsors, readers, haters, contributors, mailing list members…

Finally, sell

Always have something on sale. Your time invested in building a blog doesn’t come free, so nor should your work. Build a product and make it helpful to your potential customer. Communicate the value of the product and get paid for creating it.


This might seem as a simple process, but it’s far from it. It requires a lot of factor to take into consideration. These are the 5 steps that helped me develop Apha Efficiency part time , and made it generate income. I was writing, promoting, engaging, building a community and finally sold to infinity and back. My income is nowhere near desirable level, but it’s there after a year.
My income surpasses my financial investment by thousands and thousands of percent. It’s because I followed the 20$ Startup… It’s all within you. Make a move. Make it happen. You either get the results, or you get the excuses. Now you know what you’ve got to to do, go out there and get it!