When I write, I am trying not to preach to others. My own insights come from my own successes and not that many failures, and my readers can take them or leave them. I may or may not be right. Sometimes I can be right and wrong at the same time, depending on who is reading.
As a reader you can’t allow yourself to be lazy minded. Passive reading and pure digestion of information without your critical mind being turned on, is equally dangerous as television. Perhaps even more so, as it gives an illusion of intellectual superiority.
Try to observe my previous paragraph. How do I come up with such conclusion? From experience? It actually comes from observation. People out there read, and read a lot of writers that have no foundation, no basis in reality, and when they make bland statements on how you should live your life.
Numerous populistic self-help guru’s that have theories that are just that, theories. Don’t Put all theories to the test. Especially theories that have never been tested before. Sometimes action costs more than inaction.