So I’ll write down a personal task list, and try to see if it will help me focus:

  1. Work in Figma for 30 minutes – Skipped
  2. Work on devops and server maintaining for 30 minutes – Skipped
  3. Read a book about Figma for 30 minutes (to improve company design processes)
  4. Handle the client meetings – Done
  5. Prepare for the agriculture client meeting on code and SEO. – Done
  6. Spend 30 minutes recording youtube and reels – Skipped
  7. Prepare the content calendar for the week – Skipped

Let’s come back later to see what was completed.

Some small tasks that came to mind:

  • Fix styling of the lists on the blog
  • Think about brandable domain name – like or something of the nature
  • Not to forget to keep on working on

Review of the day:

I got energy drained from too many meetings. I wanted to bite off more than I could chew, and ended up giving up on work in the evening as originally planned.

I definitely need to limit the number of meetings I want to attend.

The lesson is that you need to pace yourself. And do what feels right. For the next day I will reduce the meetings.

Additional observation is that I took care of others more than I took care of our own business. This generosity needs to change, and I need to put the pace back to 50-50% instead of 100% of the time for others and zero for myself. It is not sustainable, and no one would appreciate it.