Brian Bojan Dordevic

Strategic Planning Consulting

Transforming your ideas into actionable realities, I build permanent, mutually-beneficial relationships for a diverse and value-rich digital space.


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About Me

Driven by compassion, understanding and a ceaseless drive to foster lasting growth-oriented partnerships, I nurture the global movement toward a better internet through forward-thinking web development, comprehensive cyber security & DevOps consulting, innovative content creation and cutting edge design.

My clients are my partners. As such, I dedicate my every effort to transparent and effective solutions aimed at responsibly sustainable growth, tailored to their goals.

My Most Important Updates

Breaks are for the weak - here is how I grind towards my goals

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

How Inconsistency Costs You Your Success

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

How to use Online Criticism to Fuel Your Goals and Aspirations

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

Verticals I Have Experience With

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Crypto Currencies


Financial Services


Luxury Goods


Belgrade Banking Academy

Masters Degree equivalent Investment Banking

First Belgrade Gymnasium


Alpha Efficiency

Director of Strategic Planning


Chief Marketing Officer

Proton System

Online Marketing Manager

My Most Important Updates

Breaks are for the weak - here is how I grind towards my goals

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

How Inconsistency Costs You Your Success

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

How to use Online Criticism to Fuel Your Goals and Aspirations

July 9. 2022

by Bojan

My Latest Blog Posts

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What I Offer

Cyber Security

Comprehensive cyber-security services aimed at safeguarding your digital business through penetration testing, technical implementation consulting & education.

Digital Performance

Advanced website services & consulting aimed at increasing your revenue through multi-platform, site-speed optimization and transparent tracking of pertinent metrics.

Technology Consulting

Personalized IT consulting focused on leveraging a holistic implementation & optimization of advanced technologies, adapted to the goals and principles of your business.

Content Strategy

Detailed content strategy development through in-depth market analysis, content planning & tactical execution tailored to the goals of your company.

User Experience

Enabling the development of mature UX ecosystems that consistently increase profit by fostering transformative user experiences through broad-range UX research.

Communication & Copy

Internal & External communication protocol development aimed at generating an inclusive & diverse atmosphere through seamless exchanges with relevant clients.

What my business partners say

Darrell Terry

Surve Founder

"Their communication makes us feel like we're a part of their team and right there building the product with them."

Alpha Efficiency provides incomparable services and deliverables that produce significant, positive impacts to facilitate growth. The team offers platforms that support transparency and accessibility. They actively engage to ensure results satisfy expectations, which enables ongoing collaboration.

Principal Attorney

Law Firm

"You can reach their owner at any time, and he is always working hard to make sure that your goals are accomplished."

The final website and subsequent marketing work performed by Alpha Efficiency has met all client expectations for the project, allowing them to improve their digital presence while focusing on the core of their business. The development team was committed and responsive throughout their work.

Nicolas Silva

Aeriform Cinema

Alpha Efficiency made it easy by helping me understand the transition process and website performance. I always want to have the highest quality image, but that’s not sustainable when building a website. It wasn’t until Bojan’s team redesigned our site that I realized how much faster it could be if it’s properly built out. I think improved user functionality will help with targeting.

Harris Nghiem

Nghiem Consulting Services

I’m most impressed by the fact that Bojan is super open to thoughts and opinions from me. He goes out of his way to ask what I think about certain designs or workflows. He’s very open to second opinions, which I greatly appreciate; a lot of other people are stubborn or just want to do their own thing, but not Bojan — he’s willing to listen. I gave them the opportunity to be as creative as they wanted, to expand on my original thought, and run with it however they wanted to, and the direction that they ended up taking was excellent.

Director of Digital Strategic Planning

Marketing Agency

"Their ability to deliver even under pressure impressed us the most."

Alpha Efficiency's tremendously amazed all stakeholders. They employed agile project management to successfully finish the project.